Clean Up, Green Up!


Hello Youth sa Tisa! Kuyog ta karong June 7, 2015 Sunday @ 6:00 am alang sa atong Clean Up Green Up together with our Barangay Captain  Phillip S. Zafra, SK Task Force, KK Tisa, Rising 44 Campers and other 500 young people. Just bring your own cleaning materials and also your friends! This is also a good way to gain friends! Kita kitss  😀  Together, let’s make a change!

It is inevitably true that Mother Nature is dying and it is because of us humans as a whole. Our deeds of killing the nature are full cliches that we tend to repeat again and again, and we don’t even care.

Now that our Mother wants a payback, we tend to blame the government for the lives lost during natural calamities. Isn’t it crazy? I mean we are the sole responsible of all of these and then we blame the government. It is absurd I tell you. But hey, the government also has flaws but it doesn’t mean we blame them for all the natural calamities in the country.

With this event, we may work hand in hand to repair Mother Nature. This is just baby steps to a cleaner and greener environment. If you had these in your community, then join it. We always believe that any changes start with ourselves. Let’s clean and repair! Hurrah to the cleaner and greener Tisa!

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Color Fun Run 2015


The Color Fun Run started with a wet Zumba to have our participant warm up their bodies. Their were two categories; for 3K with entry fee of 50 Pesos and for 5K with entry fee of 75 Pesos. The possible winners could received a Race Bib and Certificate.

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On Loving Again – The living testimony


Love again and never be afraid!

It is easy to say, but hard to do. Such statement will always be the ‘bukambibig’ of your friends when you ask advises from them. Some would say ‘just enjoy it’ or ‘go with the flow’ but both would mean the same.

I had a friend who happened to experience a very bad luck in relationships. It was his first girlfriend. The odds were never in their favor, so they had to separate ways. Still, my friend loved her very much even the girl had a new man in her life. He experienced trauma and never opened his heart again.

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Friendship is an entity having one mind in two bodies

True enough, friendship is indeed the greatest gift of life. The truth is we mess up and we wont get it right without friends to monitor us.

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Innocence – your history of silence.

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends picked you as their ‘midnight entertainment’ to make them laugh?

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Newly Elected Officers & Task Force


1385870_293585540834594_5933997172915780232_nThis picture was captured after the voting for KK Youth Board & SK Task Force with our beloved Barangay Captain Honorable Philip Zafra.

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